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The when and how of homeoepathy

Incorporating homoeopathy into your being well naturally practices brings with it certain rules around how to use and when to use remedies. A qualified homoeopathist will conduct a full assessment; a holistic and thorough history of your life's health that considers the physical, mental and emotional aspects - mental & emotions are present as part of a physical illness. This is the mind & body connection. Homoeopathy aims to restore homeostasis through energy process of highly diluted substance which gives a high potency medicine.

The Homoeopathic Rubix provides a tool for deciding the best remedy that fits a symptom picture mostly appropriate in constitutional issues. However the choice of remedy can be straight forward in the case of acute conditions. For example Belladonna is very useful for symptoms that come on rapidly.

When to use homoeopathic treatment is about whether the condition is constitutional or acute. Constitutional issues are those long term, deep rooted states and acute matters are those that are sudden onset, or post surgical. In those situations where something is long term has a deep rooted base then a consultation with a practitioner is the best approach. For acute symptoms a basic course can aid sufficient knowledge to know the best remedies to aid recovery in surgical post care or in sudden onset such as migraine headache.

The other aspect of the when of homeopathic medicine are timing; which ties to how to take. There needs to be a clean mouth, such as no food or drinks half hour before and after taking a remedy, that the remedy is untouched by hands, that there is no coffee or mint drinks/food as these are thought to neutralise the medicine.

How to take is also about frequency of taking the remedy; acute symptoms can see a pillule taken every 15 minutes initially and when there is subsidence of symptoms to reduce that frequency to three times a day and then stopping when recovered.


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