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The Placebo Affect - all in the mind?

Is Homoeopathy purely a placebo affect?

In contemporary medicine the patient is given a dosage of a certain medicine that is most often produced from synthetic substances.  The dosage prescribed must be based upon height, weight, age, other medicines taken and other conditions reported - yet this often is overlooked!  The allopathic medicines will have an affect - symptoms abate but can return when the substance is no longer in the body.

Those substances can have a toxic effect. That effect is termed side effects. The synthetic medicine offers a range of side effects and very often not spoken about, indeed unheard of in the general public, the 'kill rate'!. 

Yes that last bit is alarming, and needs to be, because what that means is that every synthetic medicine has a kill rate, but there is no way of knowing who, but it is often dressed up as adverse reactions, or adverse side effects.  It is well worth looking into those and then consider - those effects are real, there is no placebo or 'all in the mind' about them.

However when a patient complains about side effects, most often in the form of new symptoms the medicines, which are often repeat prescriptions, are not stopped, or if they are they are replaced with another pharmaceutical substance. 

If the patient queries the symptoms as possible side effects they are dismissed or belittled - synthetic medicines do not cause these problems!  I know for myself, and many thousands of other women, who have had side effects suffered this blatant disregard. 

Yet those medical people will denounce homeopathy as placebo!  That it was the in-depth consultation that caused the cure, that it was the person being heard, listened too that healed the person.  So is homoeopathy psychology? 

Homeopathy is holistic so the discussion during a consultation gives the client space to speak, the sense of being heard is validation and the empathy is the warmth often missing from medical practitioners.  So I would say yes homoeopathy addresses the psychological nature of illness and this is an added benefit in my opinion. 

And yes, the remedy match, will be to the 'mentals' and 'emotionals' of the remedy, this is because an homoeopath recognises that all dis-ease states have a mind/mental state = cure the mind and emotions and the body will restore its balance.

Could the highly diluted medicines be retaining nano particulates of the product used, or maybe simply energy medicines with wave forms?  This is something that came to me during the global lock downs and so I went on a search.  There is nothing conclusive but I have shared various links for your perusal - let me know what you think. 

The power of placebo

So often I have heard a doctor tell me my experience of pain, immobility and other symptoms as 'all made up', 'all in the mind' and nothing to do with a surgical procedure.  It was then discovered the said surgical procedure had rendered a medical mesh device embedded around my ureters - so the suffering was not all in my mind or made up! 

I once asked the medical person if 'all made up', 'all in the mind', were the most modern and up to date, 21st Century medical diagnoses and upon what science had this been formed?  I also asked if these were such realistic diagnoses then what tests had been conducted to come to such a conclusion - my questions went unanswered and my medical records falsified!

At another appointment when I informed the medical person about my use of alternative medicines the person balked at me 'what, what are they going to do, they're placebo!'  Well placebo often equates to ''all made up', 'all in the mind' and so I was using like to cure like - my all made up was not cured but it certainly eased me to tolerate the unbearable. 

Placebo is all about the mind, and how the mind has created the cure.  Well there is the answer to all our ails, our powerful mind creates the cure!  However our wonderful, miracle of a body, has all the components to heal and cure itself. 

I complete with our wonderful ancestor, Hippocrates, the father of medicine who himself encouraged miniscule dosing and like curing like, with his encouragement to us, 'let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food' and in the scriptures God informs us that every herb is for our good.  A drop of poison kills, a nano particle can cure... my favourite, highly diluted poisons, are strychnine or belladonna - Strychnine is Nux Vomica and soothing for sleep and belladonna was wonderful for easing symptoms of covid-19.  Now to look into hemlock, the remedy known as Conium Macullatum; link shared...

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