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Why homeopathy?

Homoeopathy begins with a full and thorough assessment with a highly educated, qualified and experienced health practitioner. Many health practitioners of homoeopathy are dual educated and qualified for example doctors, nurses, holistic therapists including medical herbists. Holding a vast education and experience, those individuals are able to offer and provide to those people either or both approached in health care. Limiting ones applications to a single genre of medicine displays the prejudice and discrimination against a modality that could be more appropriate to the patients needs.

After a full assessment a homeopath will provide a remedy to match the symptom profile; there could be a combination remedy or a constitutional remedy. Instructions on taking the remedy will be provided to ensure that there is no anti-doting or negating the effect of the treatment. The remedy can have some profound and immediate effect or may take a little time to provide improvement.

Homoeopathy also offers a natural choice in treatment of an individual that follows an holistic approach; mind, body and spirit. There are many criticisms of homoeopathy = anti-science, lacking sound research! and biased. Many claim homoeopathy to be placebo in effect but could this be evidence of the power of the mind over matter?

In the case of acute states, such as post surgery, homeopathy is useful; I did use this myself to aid my initial recovery and was take by the consultant/surgeons response to my question to use the remedies 'not to use anything that could affect our medicines'!

The [self-discredited, my personal opinion] World health organisation commenced "endorsing alternative medicines" and "explicitly naming homeopathic medicine as a resource".

A personal experience; often unable to sleep due medical injuries, I have used nux vomica 30c. I have then been able to settle and gain at least some rest and repose. Sleep is one vital component of recovery and rejuvenation.

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