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Flower essence, a gentle healing power.

Bluebell essence

Hyacinthoides non-scripta

This is an essence indicated where the person feels closed off and shut down. The person feels restricted and limited. The person has a sense of feeling guilty, a sinner; their self-esteem is very low, almost as if they have lost this part of self. The person feels rotten inside and all they have worked hard for is somehow withering and dying. There is often a distorted view of their self-image and this mostly arises from childhood conditioning; they have been met with great disapproval no matter how hard they tried to gain approval which is normally found in parents, family and friends.

Bluebell supports the releasing of these old negative conditioned states; beliefs, emotions and thoughts all seem to dissolve. Feelings around beliefs of being a sinner beyond redemption, inner rot, restrictions, limitations and unworthiness begin to dissolve and reveal a sense of openness, trust and freedom. Bluebell helps to unlock the person from the restrictions and limitations and aids personal growth and the person begins to blossom revealing all their hidden potential along with new sense of improved self-esteem and personal respect that had been previously lost and hidden.

Bluebell allows us to seek our inner true nature and express our feelings with clear, respectful communications that develop healthy strong boundaries previously lacking and the approval seeking behaviour dissipates also as the person realises they only need their own approval which is aligned with source/Creator.

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