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Evening primrose flower essence

Oenthera missouriensis

Science has provided evidence indicating that the experiences we undergo in our mother's womb have an impact on us. Our mother's beliefs, emotions, and self-care all play a role in shaping us. This is evident in cases where a woman decides to proceed with a pregnancy despite not wanting to have a baby, for various reasons.

Evening primrose provides a pathway for introspection, enabling us to uncover the underlying issues that have shaped our lives. By doing so, it facilitates the growth of unconscious and subconscious awareness, bringing forth early experiences and challenges. Through this heightened awareness of past pain, evening primrose offers a gentle healing process. This, in turn, leads to increased openness and the capacity to form profound, respectful, nurturing, and dignified connections in personal relationships. It is believed that evening primrose essentially rejuvenates the soul and supplies the emotional nourishment that may have been missing at birth.

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