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Daffodil flower essence

Daffodil flower essence


This is an essence indicated for those who are feeling miserable, the joy of life has been extinguished and melancholy abounds. During periods of illness when there is a feeling of utter misery, or where there are changes that trigger apathy, and fear borne of loss of inner happiness. The person has become emotionally stagnant; stuck in a rut and a pattern of despondency and despair. A sense of there being no end to the tunnel, which often is signalled by a light at the end of the tunnel, is experience.

Daffodil is a tall, single stemmed flower that emerges from a bulb in the springtime and grows surrounded by other daffodils – almost like a family. Daffodil provides us a light, yet heady fragrance and bees love to visit daffodil. Daffodil represents as a strong, upright and sturdy flower with two colours, green and yellow. Green for the heart chakra and yellow for the solar plexus; love and confidence brought together. Most people are attracted to confident people who radiate a joyfulness that is true of the heart chakra.

Daffodil flower essence is said to have a positive effect upon those who are captured in those states noted above. The daffodil is the first sign of spring time and so offers a radiant sign of new hope and there is a transitioning occurring from crisis or a dark period into emerging light. Slowly joy begins to grow from within the depth of our being and emerge into a brightness that is akin to the yellow trumpet of the daffodil. The yellow trumpet represents the brightness of sunshine and the joyful feeling of a bright, sunny spring day. Daffodil acts as a search light of the senses and aids the person to see into the deeper areas of obscured insecurity and aid a sense of certainty; spring is always certain to follow winter and without doubt precedes summer.

Daffodil offers certainty that we can push through obstructions that cause misery and restore bright optimism.

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