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Daisy flower essence

Bellis Perennis

This essence is recommended for individuals with scattered thoughts, excessive mental chatter, and difficulty in maintaining focus and organization. It is common for them to jump from one topic to another, feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of intellectual activity. This can particularly affect students or those in analytical roles where considering all sides of an issue becomes challenging. There is a sense of flightiness, impulsiveness, and unpredictability.

The essence of this delicate flower, though small, offers stability, grounding, and helps in consolidating one's intellectual self. It enhances clarity, focus, and facilitates easier assimilation of learning.

This essence is believed to be linked to the heart chakra, promoting modesty and reducing an inflated ego. Personally, I view the ego not as a negative force but as a valuable companion that can offer important lessons and serve as an inner guide and teacher. Individuals who may appear egotistical may actually be revealing their inner child seeking attention rather than rejection.

Daisy embodies qualities of gentleness and strength, mildness and power, humility and confidence.

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