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Almond flower essence

Prunus dulcis

This essence is recommended for individuals who are feeling lost, having lost their inner guidance and feeling disconnected from their intuition. They may feel entangled in past challenges and unable to see a clear path forward, leading to anxiety and a sense of being stuck in familiar but restrictive patterns. This disconnection may lead to difficulties recognizing oneself and becoming enmeshed in troubling relationships, such as those with narcissists, feeling trapped in a nightmare.

The limiting beliefs from the past hinder personal freedom, requiring emotional, mental, and physical release to progress in life. Fear is identified as a core issue for those who could benefit from almond essence.

Almond essence encourages freedom, liberation, and progress. It fosters self-control, self-mastery, and independence, suggesting that individuals should learn to control themselves rather than relying on external control. This essence supports the development or restoration of self-worth, confidence, esteem, personal authority, and autonomy. It helps dissolve old patterns that have held one captive, allowing for gentle progress and reflection on past lessons without getting caught in them again.

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