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With all things online, it has become possible to manage commerce in the land of the internet, without the overheads and elevating costs, making it much more affordable in time and money - saving our students so much too.  With a small device, hand held, or a computer at a nearby library, or even a connection on a bus journey, all facilitate the process of commerce - I imagine the potential for working holidays, nomads settling for the night, all hooking into learning - with no limitations the world could become ones oyster! 


Home education & Independent learning

Accessing affordable learning & training opportunities is now easier than ever before.  With internet connectivity it is possible to learn at a time and place that can fit around your individual schedule & circumstances. 


There are various benefits to engaging in home education & independent learning.  Essentially  the main benefits are on your time and money particularly where there is a financial issue at play,.  Students who conduct home education & independent learning benefit through:

a) not needing to travel

b) not needing childcare - if there are children to consider

c) studying at a time suitable to yourself

d) studying in a place that is comfortable

e) self-determination around your learning schedule

f) develop and improve time management

h) increase self-organisation and self-discipline

g) develop a proactive mind set

h) increased independence 

You may want to learn natural approaches to promoting health and being-well naturally for a number of reasons;

  1. to help yourself,

  2. offer greater care & nurturing to your family,

  3. support your friends,

  4. as a new professional career,

  5. to update your current skills,

  6. simply interested in learning.

Students who purchase our home education courses gain lifetime access with unlimited access to those course materials - the only limitation being the internet and what is going on in your life and your personal dedication to getting the work done.  To get the best out of your chosen courses there are some simple steps to apply:

1) Before purchasing your course read all the course information on the platform page

2) Consider additional costs; paper and ink for printing documents, any professional certificates and insuring fees are separate to the course fee

3)  Once you have purchased your course set a time table; decide on a target deadline date and how you will achieve the outcomes of the course; i.e. do you need volunteers for the practical elements of the course

4) Take a few minutes before commencing your study period to clear your mind

5) Be well hydrated and take a rest period - stand & stretch to help release tension from sitting and to avoid strain.

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Home education & Independent learning
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