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Calm oasis holistic therapy offers a range of home study, online, multi-media courses.  These courses are for education, information and interest in the subject covered.

Course content creator and instructor is Deborah, is qualified in the subjects instructed upon and has held her own private clinics in her home town in England.  

The courses are offered are provided in a variety of, and combined, formats including:


power point presentation

PDF supportive documents

Students are able to learn at a time and place that works around their family and work commitments with course access, subject to internet availability and connectivity, anywhere in the world.

There is a supportive platform to each course where students can share their experiences and raise pertinent questions.  Students gain lifetime access to the course material and can return as often as they wish to review their learning.

Students do have the opportunity to obtain a qualification that is recognised by an insuring company, which also includes a membership in their provision (this is a separate item & subject to a separate fees).

The courses can be updated and amended to reflect new material or information; Deborah likes to conduct research to support the well-being practices covered i.e. aromatic oils and their uses.

Being able to provide these courses, in this format, on this platform has been a great achievement for Deborah who has sustained medical injuries and has used the various well-being methods to improve overall function and performance, reduce pain and exhaustion and experience more joy in life.  She looks forward to being able to assist students in their independent learning through a third party platform.

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