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Calm Oasis Holistic Therapy

Health, Wellbeing, Vitality.

Welcome friend, to our specialised services, in holistic therapy home education courses.
We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive pathway of learning. 

Our courses ensure you are equipped with knowledge and practice to provide holistic therapy of choice.
Whether you wish to share therapy with family and friends or clients in your own private clinical setting, our courses will help you on your pathway of success.
Some of our courses are interest only and aim to support improved well-being with natural choices such as Bach Flower remedies and Tissue Salts.
Commencing your journey to improved health or to becoming a professional practitioner could not be easier or more affordable with our online, multi-media, immersive and infusion courses.


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There are many affects on the mind and body when time is allowed for relaxation.  Start a new chapter in your life experience with being well naturally.   Calm Oasis Holistic therapy courses support your success in good health and vitality with natural treatments.

Independent learning

Your investment; time & energy leads to knowledge based practice of holistic treatments.  Whether your intention is to simply support your family, friends and loved ones or to open your own private clinic to receive clients, investing in your skills, knowledge and practice is rewarding to all.

Your donation; most often fees are payable for services however we accept donations through our primary learning platform.  Our Diplomas and Certificates carry a separate donation, and where applicable our partner insuring providers will offer a free quote and there fee is separate to our own.

Your pace; learning holistic therapy such as massage, reflexology or Indian head massage is possible in your own home, or wherever you are located, at a time to suit your own personal needs, with access limited only by internet connectivity, our students are able to learn at their leisure. 

Your success; your achievement of goals is important to us however the responsibility is upon students to dig in and do the learning and the practice.  You only get out of your courses what you put in.  Students can complete courses within 3 to 6 months but where a pathway of learning is in order students must complete any course requisites before moving onto the next level of learning.

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